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The tariffs of the 30th Tehran Book Fair will not change

Source : Lisna
The spokesman of policy council of the 30th Tehran Book Fair told reporters that the tariff of publishers’ presence in the 30th Book Fair will not change.
The tariffs of the 30th Tehran Book Fair will not change


According to Lisna, based on what has been declared by the public relations Department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Homayoon Amirzadeh, pointing to the fifth meeting of policy council   told reporters the tariff will not change in the 30th Tehran Book Fair. He stated that after long conversation and  opinion exchange among members of policy council, the tariffs will not change in the next year exhibition.

He added that based on the enactment, tariffs related to the booths, registration of domestic and foreign publishers, distributors, and representatives of domestic and foreign publishers will not change in the 30th Book Fair and the tariffs will be calculated on the basis of last year exhibition.

 About holding the 30th Tehran Book Fair, the spokesman of policy council told about the second enactment of the meeting, the necessity of clarifying approaches taken during the past three decades, the beginning of a new approach and outlook of the fourth decade of this cultural event. He also said that members exchanged their views and decided to form a working group.

He continued that in this working group, Mr. Mohammad Beheshti, Fereydoon Amoozadeh Khalili and Mohammad Hamzezadeh are present and they will plan for it. The plans will be approved then after being carefully examined by policy council.

Amirzadeh later specified: the first round of Tehran Book Fair was held in 1987 and now after three decades, the event has turned into a huge tree with a birth certificate. Therefore planning and holding programs of this kind is inevitable during the exhibition so that a step is taken to promote goals and approaches which are based on the growing publish industry in the country.


According to the report, at the fifth meeting of policy council which was held under the chairmanship of Seyyed Abbas Salehi, Mr. Aliakbar Ashari, Mohammad Beheshti, Mehdi Firozan, Fereydoon Amoozadeh, Mohammadreza Tavakkol Sedighi, Homayoon Amirzadeh, Amirmaoud Shahramniya, Mohammad Selgi, Mohammad Hamzezadeh, Mehdi Esmailirad and Aliasghar Seyyedabadi were also present.

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