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Poran Farrokhzad Died

Source : Lisna
Poran Farrokhzad died of heart failure in Dec 29, 2016.
Poran Farrokhzad Died

According to Lisna, Poran Farrokhzad Iranian poet, writer and researcher died of heart failure this morning in Iranmehr Hospital after spending a few days in coma.

Poran Farokhzad was a poet, writer and researcher. She was Forough and Fereydoun Farrokhzads’ sister, daughter of Toran Vaziritabar (she was from Kashan) and Lieutenant Mohammad Farrokhzad (he was from Bazargan village in Tafresh).

Poran was born in January 1932. She spent her childhood in Nowshahr and other cities. After the events of September 1941, her father was transferred to Tehran. Poran studied at Zhale and Soroush primary schools and at this time her talent in literature was discovered.


Among her works, we can name: “A Woman from Inscription to History”, encyclopedia of culture making women form Iran and around the world in two volumes, “Red Anemone illusions” selection of poems by women around the world, “Half of unfinished”: a journey in women’s poetry from Rabia to Forough, “woman in the promised night” the trace of women in Sohrab Sepehri’s works, “the one who is not like others” about Forough Farrokhzad, a poetry collection in the name of “Happiness Is Eating Red Apples” , a collection of quatrains in the name of “An Uneasy War”,  a collection of stories named “Meeting in the Fall”, and a few long stories such as “Fire and Wind”, “In the Mirror”,  a novel “At The End of Fire and Mirror” and  “Iranian efficient women’s … from past to present”.

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