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The novel “The Water-Babies” was published

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Ghadyani’s Publications published Charles Kingsley’s work “The Water-Babies” translated by Raziyeh Ibrahimi.
The novel “The Water-Babies” was published

 According to Lisna, Ghadyani publications has published Charles Kingsley’s novel “The Water-Babies”. The book is translated by Raziyeh Ibrahim.

It is a 288- page book which costs 18000 Toman. The first edition of the book is available now for enthusiasts.

The novel is about a little boy ‘Tom’ whose job was to clean chimneys. Tom could not read and write but he didn’t care about it. You may not believe it but he never cleaned himself because he was living in a house that had no water.  Like other kids, he was sometimes happy and sometimes sad. He was also living a world of his dreams.


The book is available in all book stores in the whole country; you can also visit the website of Ghadyani Publications to do online shopping or get the latest news of the latest publications. 

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