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‘Khaneh Ketab’ published “The Evolution of Publication”

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“The Evolution of Publication” (an introduction to publishing industry in Iran from the       beginning to the threshold of revolution), written by Abdol Hussein Azarang, has been published by Khaneh ketab Institution.
‘Khaneh Ketab’ published “The Evolution of Publication”

According to Lisna, “the change of publication” written by Abdol Hossein Azarang was published by Khaneh Ketab Institution. The main theme of the book is a review of publishing industry in Iran after entering printing technology in Iran to the threshold of Islamic Revolution in 1979. Majid Gholami Jaliseh took note of the book.

Jaliseh, the managing director of “Khaneh Ketab” has written in the notes of the books: “the book ‘evolution of publication’ is undoubtedly one of the best works about publishing industry in Iran. One of the main characteristics of the book is its comprehensiveness embracing publishing from the beginning to the end of Pahlavi Era. The reader can gain a thematic view of the evolution of publication only by reading this book; another feature of the book is its being documentary in which the writer has tried to use number one resources and documents; even by using oral history of publication, firm information is transferred from book publication to the reader”.

Abdol Hussein Azarang has written in the introduction of the book: “publication is one of the culture making elements, the origin of cultural events, a bed for intellectual developments and above all this is a motive or an efficient tool to convey messages; all types of messages through written media in a large scale. If publication industry stops working, whatever works with productive and motivational energy will stop working too.

Dynamic cycle that is inspired by society and emotions would increase its richness by adding more values to it then turn it back to society and continues the bargain; this the cycle of publication. But alas to publishers who wasted their lives in this sector but didn’t leave even a history of it; ironically an activity that no thinking is disseminated in a large scale without it but the impetus for creating works about it is less than others specially in our country in which many tried to increase the number of books but never struggled to link motive, thought, art and intellectual and cultural life together”.

“Book publication from the beginning to 1921”, “book publication from 1921 to 1941”, “book publication in 1940s”, “book publication in 1950s” and “publication from 1961 to the threshold of Islamic Revolution” are sections of the book forming 62 chapters.

Abdul Hussein Azarang was born in 1947.  A few of his books include: “a glimpse of book, library and publication”, “a glimpse of book publication in Iran”, “argumentation about the policy of book publishing”, “foundation of book publication”, “main steps in book publication”, “a few written and spoken notes about publication and edition” and “oral history of publication in Iran”.


“The Evolution of Publication (an introduction to publishing industry in Iran from the beginning to the threshold of Revolution)” is published by ‘Khaneh Ketab’ in 936 pages. The book costs 50000 Tomans.

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