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“Iran MARC” will be updated

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After 14 years of its edition, Iranian National Library has started reviewing and updating the book “Iran MARC”.
“Iran MARC” will be updated

 According to Lisna, one of the main goals of the National Library of Iran is to “consult, supervise, guide and offer technical services and plans and also to organize libraries in the country”. On the other hand, in national libraries of many countries, MARCs are being used for machine-reading of library inventories and facilitating the exchange of data in libraries.

Considering the efforts and considerable investment of organization such as IFLA, Congress Library, OCLC, and national libraries including Iranian National Library in keeping records of MARC, keeping the existing records in the form of MARC is logical according to the production and saving of million records.

Many research projects in the world that focus on the conformity of MARC records with standards and new models of organizing information confirm this by itself.

National Library of Iran has succeeded to apply machine-readable library inventories by establishing the Iranian Committee of MARC in 1998. Now it is needed to update the Iran MARC format and to keep existing records.

“The project of Iran MARC development: Bibliographic Bank” was presented to the research council of the organization in August 16, 2106 which was approved in September 28, 2016. The project aims to develop Iran MARC based on the UNIMARC at bibliographic bank.

The goals of the project are as follows:

1) Review the present situation of Iran MARC (bibliographic bank)

2) Determine the situation and desired level of the UNIMARC format (bibliographical bank)

3) Provide a list of required measures to be done to reaching determined situation

4) Formulate practical example suitable for required fields to organize existing sources at the National Library and Archives and suitable for the features of Persian Language.

5) Provide necessary documents of the new edition of Iran MARC (bibliographical bank)

6) Perform reforms and necessary changes in the comprehensive software of the National Library

One of the important results of the project is to publish it in the form of a book that can be used as a guidebook by librarians and experts in the field of National Library and other libraries.

In addition to book edition, the results gained through this research project will help to develop RASA’s program. Regarding that RASA’s program is the only environment to present Iran MARC, it is inevitable to implement the results gained by the present project.

The 13th meeting of the project was held on January 11 and the members exchanged their views on 325, 326, 327 fields. So far 104 fields (block 2, 3, 4, 5) have been reviewed by members that 26 fields of them (block 2 fields and a part of block 3 fields) have been finalized at the meeting.

One of the new fields reviewed is field 251 that was added to UNIMARC in 2012. The field includes information about how materials are arranged in a collection; the name of archival unit (for example the row, file and page) is explained in the hierarchy of archival description.

The members involved in the project include: Saideh Akbari Dariyan, Zeynab Papi, Fariborz Khosravi, Shirin Taavoni, Afsaneh Teymoori Khani, Soheila Faal, Mahbubeh Ghorbani, Elnaz Moradi and Tahereh Yaghubpoor Nargesi.

It is necessary to mention that implementation of RDA is one of programs and priorities of the organization that will take effect in near future.

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