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Bukhara will hold “The Night of Silk Road”

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On the occasion of the publication of “Castles of Silk Road”, Bukhara Magazine will hold “The Night of Silk Road” with combined coordination of Nazar Publications.
Bukhara will hold “The Night of Silk Road”

 According to Lisna, “The Night of Silk Road” will be held on Sunday January 15 at the Institute of Persian Language.

So far thousand books and articles have been written on Silk Road in different languages and it was studied regarding different aspects such as architecture, anthropology, economic and so on.

Dr. Jean Claude who has Ph.D. in archaeology and history has been a visiting professor at Saint Joseph’s University. The book “Castles of Silk Road” is the result of his continuous study about the ‘Silk Road’ specially the castles located in this historical road.

The Persian edition of the book was published by Nazar publications last week.

At the “Night of Silk Road” Naser Homayoon, Seyed Mohammad Beheshti and Jean Claude will give speech.

The ceremony will be held on Sunday January 15 at the Institute of Persian Language at the Dr. Mahmoud Afshar’s Endowment Foundation located on No.12, Aref Nasab St, Zaferaniyeh, Valiasr St.


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