Naim Frashër Commemorated in Tehran


LISNA Mar 3, 2018 – Iranian cultural consultant in Albania, Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini announced the commemoration of Albanian poet, Naim Frashër in Tehran. "This congress will be held with the help of Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, Teacher Training Faculty of Tehran University and other cultural centers." He stated "Also representatives of various countries such as Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Italy will be attending this event."

Naim Frashër was an Albanian poet who wrote in Persian language. "Naim was national hero of Albania and creator of renowned poetry book of "Karbala"." Explained Hosseini "He also wrote a poetry book in Persian around 150 years ago with the title "Imaginations" and he is the only Iranian culture expert in the world who has written high quality Persian poetry."

"In fact he is the only European who has written Persian poetry. He also has a book on Persian language grammar." Hosseini continued "and this book will be presented at the congress."

Iranian cultural consultant in Albania called Naim Frashër "a powerful poet" who is known as a national hero in his country. "Albanians know him as the founder of new Albanian language, that’s why there is a day on the calendar dedicated to him in Albania." Said Hosseini "He played a role in Albanian independence, literature and other scientific fields as well."

Karbala is considered one of Frashër's most important works and a national epic. "The same way Iranians use Hafiz and Sa'di in day to day conversations, Albanians know parts of Karbala and use it." Hosseini stated "It's a terrific book and can be compared with Shahnameh of Ferdowsi." This book tells the story of Imam Hossein's battle in Karbala in epic poetry.

This will the first event held to honor Naim Frashër and his works in Iran.