Iran Can Be a Model for Other Members of IFLA to Follow


LISNA Feb 25, 2018 –Gloria Perez Salmeron, the President of IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) visited Al-Zahra University of Tehran; a women-only university in Iran that is among the top ranked public universities of the country.

In her visit today, Perez Salmeron held a meeting with the Head of Al-Zahra University and some of the lecturers and librarians of the university to talk about library and information science in Iran and IFLA's activities.

The President of IFLA told LISNA reporter that Iran could be a "model for other IFLA members to follow."

"I think it is very important for IFLA to involve countries like Iran with strong culture not only in terms of their heritage but also in the way they are running libraries." She added

She described the facilities at Al-Zahra university as "wonderful" and said: "The facilities and the library is very impressive, but what is important is how much freedom the students have in the flow of the information."

Ms. Perez Salmeron visited the National Library of Iran yesterday to get information about the technical processes. "The work the National Library of Iran is doing is a precious work." She said "The value of a national library is how much it is helping the country with bibliography and cataloging."  

When asked about the possibility of Iran hosting an IFLA Annual Congress anytime soon she replied: "I think every country has the opportunity to ask for a conference. Hosting a congress is a hard work. It is a lot of work with venue, managing four to five thousands delegates, funds and involving library community, but I believe this is something that every country that works hard can achieve."

She also stated hat in order to host an IFLA Congress, the host country must abide the international rules. "IFLA is an international organization and we need to follows international rules. There are no special rules for any particular country."