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IFLA President:

Iranian Librarians Can Be Their County's Best Ambassadors at IFLA Congress

Source : LISNA
The President of IFLA (International Federations of Library Associations and Institutions) said that Iranian librarians' participation in IFLA conferences is the best investments Iranian authorities can make.
Iranian Librarians Can Be Their County's Best Ambassadors at IFLA Congress


LISNA Feb 27,2018 – Gloria Perez-Salmeron, the president of IFLA (International Federations of Library Associations and Institutions) and Dato' Nafisah Binti Ahmad, the Director General of Malaysian National University visited Al-Zahra University of Tehran on Sunday February 25, and had a meeting with the head of this university and some the lecturers and librarians.

Al-Zahra University of Tehran is one of the women-only universities in Iran that is among the top-ranked public universities of the country.

At this meeting, staff of Al-Zahra university gave an introduction about their facilities and achievements. The two international guests then discussed about Iran's involvement in IFLA and the latest developments of library and information science.

Ms. Perez-Salmeron said she was glad to visit this university and its staff. "I am very glad to visit this university today and listen to you talk about how important it is nowadays to be in a library community." She stated "We are talking about ambassadors for your country. The best ambassadors of your country are yourselves. You participating in the international arena. can show your strength better than anyone else."

She described Iran's strength as "high level culture" as well as new developments in improving the library and information science.

The President of IFLA stated that considering that this year the annual congress of IFLA is being held in a friendly country for Iran and Iranian librarians will not have issues with getting visa it is a "great opportunity" to participate and show Iran's involvement in the conferences.

"As librarians we sit around in tables talking to people with different ideas but with the same goal which is enabling access for information for everybody." She said "This is the main goal that moves us to improve our relationships and our services."

Perez-Salmeron mentioned that the most important part of being a librarian is that they can change the lives of people. "Cultural differences, what's allowed and not; these are no the issues to discuss. You have to do your best in every situation." She continued "The most important thing is how much you realize you can improve the lives of others, not just the students and lecturers, but the day to day lives of people can be improved by accessing the information they need."

She expressed her contentment to see so many students excelling to the higher level of studies. "It’s good to see ladies achieving their goals; in this case furthering their education." She said "I think it is a good achievement for a country to have such high percentage of students going to the higher level of education.'

On the topic of IFLA's roles, the president of this international organization stated: "Sometimes people think that IFLA is an organization that only deals with standards. This is not true. We work on all the issues that helps librarians around the ."world enable access to information for everybody

She then talked about the importance of adaptability for libraries and how new technologies must be used in order to help people access information easier. "Traditionally we were so proud of ourselves, thinking that we are very wise and knowledge was not for everybody. This must change." She argued "We have a high responsibility to put everything online or in our shelves the way people can understand easily, and technical terms should be avoided that confuses the people."

The President of IFLA argued that simplification of information that is being dissipated to the users is crucial. "Nowadays information is everywhere and if we are not putting an effort to make things easier for our users, we are losing our strength. I believe in the near future with the rapid growth of technology and electronic devices, the face of the libraries will change."


When will IFLA Congress come to Iran?

A question that was raised by one of the lecturers was about the possibility of Iran hosting IFLA's annual conferences anytime soon. Ms. Perez-Salmeron replied by saying: "We will be very pleased to have IFLA Congress in Iran. Now the congress is moving continent to continent. Iran can apply for hosting it in a few years."

She then went on to mention about an IFLA congress that was held in Washington before IFLA was found, but it was under the same title. "There were only 17 countries present in that conference." She stated "and Iran was among them. This shows that Iran is in IFLA's first stories."

The President of IFLA also discussed about having regional conferences and the issues around this idea. "We have discussed this matter at IFLA. The issue is some regions do not have an association and some do." Ms.Perez-Salmeron pointed out.


Unity among Malaysian librarians was the key to hosting the Congress

Dato' Nafisah Binti Ahmad, the Director General of National Library of Malaysia described her main purpose of visiting Iran to invite everyone to attend the Kuala Lumpur 2018 IFLA Congress that is being held in August.

"It is not easy to host this congress." She stated. "We made three attempts since 2010, and this year we have been chosen as the host. I believe the strong will of the Malaysian librarians made this possible."


She stated that the key factor for bringing the annual congress to Malaysia was the unity among Malaysian librarians. "In the national committee, everyone is represented." She pointed out. 

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