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IFLA President:

I Deeply Recommend Everyone to Visit Iran

Source : LISNA
 Gloria Perez-Salmeron visited Shahid Beheshti University and its library and museum on the final day of her Iran-trip.
I Deeply Recommend Everyone to Visit Iran

LISNA March 1, 2018 – IFLA President, Gloria Perez-Salmeron visited Shahid Beheshti University and its library and museum  today. She held a meeting with Shahid Beheshti University’s President and the managers of the library.

She told LISNA reporter “I am grateful for being invited to Iran by National Library of Iran and get the chance to visit these universities. The facilities are great here, but good facilities are everywhere. What’s important for me today is connecting with the library community of the university. We talked about engagement with IFLA and the next steps in our relationship.”

At this meeting, IFLA President and Shahid Beheshti University agreed that this university will soon join IFLA as a member of the university libraries section. Currently no Iranian university library is a member of IFLA.

Mrs. Perez-Salmeron had a one-day trip to city of Shiraz where she visited the branch of National Library and attended a gathering with the librarian community of this city. “My gift in Shiraz was visiting Persepolis.” She said.

She described her five-day trip to Iran as “very nice” and said she would “highly recommend” visiting Iran to everyone.


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