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Shahid Beheshti University Plans to Join IFLA

Source : LISNA
Shahid Beheshti University management agreed with IFLA President that this university will soon be a member of IFLA University libraries section.  
Shahid Beheshti University Plans to Join IFLA

 LISNA March 1, 2018 - IFLA President, Gloria Perez-Salmeron visited Shahid Beheshti University and its library and museum today. She held a meeting with Shahid Beheshti University’s President and the managers of the library.

One of the topics that was discussed was bout future engagement of Shahid Beheshti University with IFLA. The library management at Shahid Beheshti University announced at this meeting that they will soon become a member of IFLA university libraries section. Currently there are no university libraries in Iran that are official members of this organization.

Becoming an IFLA member that comes with a membership fee will benefit the university in terms of their connection with other academic institutions and libraries which will enable further growth of the university and its library. On the other hand IFLA databases will have access to information at the member universities.

Mrs. Perez-Salmeron also visited the newly opened museum at this library that keeps historic books, documents and paintings.


IFLA hears the voice of every librarian

IFLA President said she was impressed by the work of Shahid Beheshti University Library. “I heard about the children library that provides service to the staff and students’ kids.” She said “It’s a really good idea, for it improves the lives of many.”

She then told her story when she was having a child, but her university did not have such services so she had to put her education on hold for a while to take care of her new born child.

Mrs. Perez-Salmeron also talked about the Global Vision program launched by IFLA. “The goal of all librarians is to make accessing information possible and improve everybody’s lives.” She said “By launching the Global Vision program all the voices of librarians are heard.”

IFLA Global Vision program is an international program that focuses on challenges and opportunities of librarians. IFLA tries to tackle some of the main issues that librarians around the world face and to bring the librarian community closer with this program.


Preserving cultural heritage and accessing information are among IFLA’s goals

IFLA President also held a meeting with Seyyed Hassan Sadough, president of Shahid Beheshti University where they discussed about the role IFLA plays today in the world.

Mr. Sadough stated that Mrs. Perez-Salmeron’s responsibility in the world is very high, because today the technology has made books less popular. A comment that was replied by Mrs. Salmeron by explaining more about IFLA’s goals.

“We cannot change the course of the world. Therefore, at IFLA we focus on accessing correct information for everybody.” She said “I think it’s all about the angle we look at it. The same way Guthenberg’s invention changed the way people accessed books, the technology today is changing the way we access information.”

They then talked about the role IFLA plays in preservingcultural heritage. “At IFLA we have professional groups that focus on protecting cultural heritage of countries globally. We don’t focus on any country particularly, but we respect every culture.” IFLA President pointed out. 



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