Libraries Play an Important Role in Education


LISNA March 3, 2018 -  Gloria-Perez Salmeron, IFLA President held a meeting with a group of Iranian librarians at National Library of Iran organized by the Association of Library and Information Science of Iran. Agreements for future cooperation between IFLA and the association were signed. Iran became the 73rd country to join this program.

"IF we all work with each other, we can use all of our opportunities and this will be our strength" she stated at the meeting.

"Religion, nationality, gender and politics should not come on our way." She continued "The only way to improve education worldwide is working together. Libraries are like an engine, and we are the gears."

Mrs. Perez-Salmeron talked about the need to maintain the minimums at every library. "We should use all we have and expand our thinking globally." She said "For expanding human relationships and cooperation of libraries worldwide, we should help each other and work harder for this goal."

IFLA President described "becoming global" as the main goal of this international organization. "I am asking for your help for this purpose, because we cannot produce anything alone and it is us that will make the future." She said to the librarians.

" Today everybody has a small library in their pockets." Said IFLA President "Librarians job is to guide these small libraries to correct information."

Mrs. Perez-Salmeron pointed out that libraries can help governments achieve their educational goals.

"By joining this program, Iran has not only reached a general goal, but it will play a role in the international programs of IFLA and Iran will make an international impact with every activity." IFLA President stated.

 Dato' Nafisah Binto Ahmad, Director General of National Library of Malaysia was also present during this meeting. "Iranian Librarian Association can be Iran's ambassador in the IFLA Congress this August." She said "So far 3 Iranians has confirmed their attendance in the congress. I hope to see you all in Malaysia this year."