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The path for the development and progress of the country crosses from books, book reading and libraries.

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Fariborz Khosravi, a member of policy council of festivals for choosing “Iranian book capital” and “villages and tribes who are bibliophiles”, explained the problems that imped reading promotion in Iran.
The path for the development and progress of the country crosses from books, book reading and libraries.

According to Lisna, Fariborz Khosravi, the president of Iranian Library and Information Science Association said Lisna: “I believe that reading subject is more radical than what it seems. Reading habit starts from the mother’s lap during pre-school and primary school. If we fail to apply critical and creative thinking in schools naturally the desire to read is not raised”.

He said: “until we fail to promote research and truth seeking spirit in schools, naturally the students will not realize that they need books and information. It is a fact and if we want something fundamental and infrastructural happens then we should start from pre-school and primary school”.

Pointing at the necessity of changing society’s opinion about teaching and reading, the distinguished librarian said: “a percentage of reading is a kind of recreation. The more percentage is to arouse a thirst for information and knowledge in students. We don’t even see the thirst in M.A and Ph.D. students in universities. That’s why we witness there are centers in front of Tehran University for thesis writing for the students.

 Emphasizing the necessity of continuing to promote reading and not being satisfied with the time of reading festivals, Khosravi said: “instead of being merely festivals, they should be analyzed to understand what must be done to stabilize reading in the country. In my opinion we should do research and reach practical solutions to have something for high levels”.

He continued: “many friends including Director General of Public Libraries Foundation have tried to insert several articles about books and reading in the sixth developing program but they failed”.

He then added: “one of the measures should be taken is to put pressure to reform documents about book reading. Those who omit these areas should know that the path for development and progress of the country crosses from books, reading and libraries. If the base of our understanding and decision making is not raised from information, naturally we can’t make correct decisions and choose the right approach in this regard.

The president of the Association said: “I believe that all related associations and institutions and those who care deeply about the issue should put pressure that it should be basically considered; otherwise what we have said is just a slogan. We all say that reading is good and necessary but none of us take a step. When a step is not taken, naturally no festival is held”.

He was asked what the place of Iranian book capital is comparing to what is considered by UNESCO as the criteria of the world book capital. He replied: “that choice doesn’t have tough criteria and we can attain that but there is a point we should consider that is we should not only chant slogans, if the facilities are provided the festivals are held and a capital is selected. We should not only be satisfied with the title and pass it”.

He added: “unfortunately we only chant slogans. We should take fundamental and practical steps. We might choose a capital and cheer for ourselves but at the end nothing is achieved”.

He said: “we can reach standard levels but more effort and rationality is needed. It is wiser to apply what is happening and existing occasions to be influent on the starting point”.

Finally he said: “the most important matter is to decide on the type of education domination in our country. The result of single-text and memory-based education is that students are angry with book and book reading”.


The festivals for choosing the Iranian book capital and villages and tribe who are bibliophiles will be over in March introducing their favorites.

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