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467 Libraries Host the "Tour of Libraries" Program

Source : LISNA
On Iran Public Library Foundation's anniversary this coming March, 467 libraries will host the "Tour of Libraries" program nation-wide.
467 Libraries Host the


LISNA Feb 28, 2018 – Mohammad Allahyari, Library and Reading Development Director of Iran Public Library Foundation announced the new "Tour of Libraries" program in conjunction with the Foundation's anniversary this March 8.

"For the first time, this year's program is in conjunction with Holy Fateme Zahra's birthday." Allahyari said "467 libraries are hosting the Tour of Libraries program and many of the authorities like the mayors, governors, parliament members, clerics and members of the library and information science association from different cities will join this program."

Iran Public Library Foundation's website ( listed all the libraries that are hosting this program in every province. There are 23 libraries in Eastern Azerbayejan, 17 in Western Azerbayejan, 10 in Ardebil, 25 in Isfahan, 5 in Alborz, 10 in Ilam, 10 in Bushehr, 28 in Tehran, 11 in Charmahal and Bakhtiari, 11 in Southern Khurasan, 30 in Ravazi Khurasan, 8 in Northern Khurasan, 27 in Khuzestan, 12 in Zanjan, 9 in Semnan, 20 in Sistan and Baluchestan, 35 in Fars, 6 in Ghazvin, 1 in Ghom, 10 in Kurdestan, 24 in Kerman, 14 in Kermanshahm, 8 in Kohgelouyeh and Bouterahmad, 14 in Golestan, 19 in Gilan, 13 in Lorestan, 23 in Mazandaran, 12 in Markazi, 12 in Hormozgan, 10 in Hamedan and 10 in Yazd will be hosting this program.

Library and Reading Development Director of Iran Public Library Foundation stated that social issues is one of the main considerations of this programs. "As libraries are in access of the public and they provide different cultural and technical services. The relationship of librarians with the public is not separated from social issues. Also we have given libraries another function since last year which is assistance in reduction of social damages." Allahyari said "Therefore, many different enlightening activities to deal with social damages have been designed for the libraries. This new function has increased visiting libraries."

General Culture Council of Iran has published a statement with the title of propagation of books and book-reading which asks organizations that work in cultural fields to pay special attention to books and book-reading.

"Iran Public Library Foundation is one of the organization that has a major role in propagation of books mentioned in this statement." Said Allahyari "Tour of Libraries is one of these programs. Everyone who is interested in registering in the libraries can receive a free membership."

According to Allahyari touring the libraries will increase visiting libraries. "In the past, Only technical services such as lending a book was being carried out by the public libraries, but in the past few years there has been programs to promote reading of books among the people."


He says that touring universities has made not just librarians, but the public visit libraries on these events.

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