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A public library in the name of “Mirza Kuchik Khan Jangali” will be opened in Rasht

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Zahra Badan Ara informed of opening a public library in the name of “Mirza Kuchik Khan Jangali” in Rasht on Wednesday morning January 11. The authorities of Public Library Foundation and provincial representatives will be present at the opening ceremony.
A public library in the name of “Mirza Kuchik Khan Jangali” will be opened in Rasht


 According to Lisna, pointing to the impressive welcome of book lovers in Rasht City and the repeated requests by Public Library members, Badan Ara said: “regarding the very sensible shortage of studying space in Rasht City, ‘Mirza Kuchik Khan Jangali’ library will be opened to the public on Wednesday, January 11”.

 Head of the Public Library Administration in Gilan Province also reminded that this is the fifth public library in Rasht City which is added after 20 years and will be exploited on the mentioned date. He then thanked the authorities who helped on the completion of this cultural welfare project for 2 years.

Zahra Badan Ara later added: “Mirza Kuchik Khan Jangali” public library will be put into operation on Wednesday morning January 11 at 10 a.m. in the presence of authorities of Public Library Foundation, representatives of Gilan at the Parliament, provincial authorities, culture lovers, and the media.

 Mirza Kuchik Khan Public library is located at Shion Foomani Boulevard, Soleymandarab region, next to Mirza Kuchik Khan’s tomb and other poets and cultural figures such as Shion Foomani, Fereydon Moshiri, and Valiallah Ardeshiri.                                                        

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