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Libraries and Librarians Have a Significant Role in Propagating Reading

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Iran's Culture Minister at Book-loving Villages Festival: Libraries as written culture center should be the basis of structural dialogues for propagating reading.
Libraries and Librarians Have a Significant Role in Propagating Reading

LISNA Feb 3, 2018 – Fourth "Book-loving Villages and Nomadic Tribes Festival" came to end with announcement of 10 villages as winners. One of the noticeable aspects of this year's festival was the presence of public libraries in this cultural movement. Public librarians as the idea developers and public libraries as the executive arm of these plans, made 90% of the programs that made it to the final round.

Seyyed Abbas Salehi, Culture Minister of Iran attended the closing ceremony. "Libraries as a center of written culture should be basis of structural dialogues for propagating reading and cultural plans that plan to become social movement, should kick-start from libraries."

"As Mr. Javadi, Deputy Minsiter of Culture said, without doubt librarians and public libraries have a significant role in progression of such movements." Said Alireza Mokhtarpour, General Director of Iran Public Library Foundation "What matters for us here is that librarians and the managers of Public Library Foundation in different cities have become active and during the last three festivals have held various programs, and this year they have been even more active."

"On the other hand, cultural government figures and most cities have realized that public libraries are among the most effective centers in growth of the culture of reading and books. " He continued "I think what matters is that during this communal movement, the will has been shaped and today we see the results and impacts of it. When our librarians in different cities and villages see that their effort is being recognized and is dissipated by the media, they will be rewarded to continue their efforts."

"These two cultural events are a communal and group work that would not have been possible without the help of the organizations involved in books." Stated Ali Asghar Seyyed Abadi, President of Book Capital of the Year and Book-loving Villages and Nomadic Tribes Festival. "One of these organizations is Iran Public Library Foundation that has libraries in various villages of the country and these libraries are well-known centers for propagating book reading in the villages. For this reason, improvement of these festivals relies on the public libraries in villages."

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