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Culture Minister of Iran Joins the Tour of Libraries

Source : LISNA
  The first annual Tour of Libraries program was launched by Iran Public Library Foundation in conjunction with the anniversary of this foundation.
Culture Minister of Iran Joins the Tour of Libraries

LISNA – Marc 8, 2018 – The first annual program of Tour of Libraries was launched by Iran Public Library Foundation in conjunction with the anniversary of this foundation. Iran Culture Minister, Seyyed Abbas Salehi joined this program today and visited Arghavan library in Tehran.


Iran Public Library Foundation General Director, Alireza Mokhtarpoor and head of Home of Books Institution, Niknam Hosseinipoor also joined this event.

Abbas Salehi described this program as a way of boosting book-reading among the population. “Books as the center of culture in civilizations has always been in attention.” Said Salehi “If we want to focus on building cultures, books will play an important role in that. This program calls on paying serious attention to different aspects of books.”

“Islamic civilization began with libraries.” He continued “scientific movements that lead to blossoming of science and culture in Islam began with books. Therefore, books play an important role in our culture.

Culture Minister of Iran stated that he sees the internet and technology as an opportunity rather than a threat. “technology can be an opportunity rather than a threat. It is based on how we get to use it.” He said.

Alireza Mokhtarpoor, Iran Public Library Foundation also has the same view as Abbas Salehi about technology “It is all about how we use technology.” Said Mokhtarpoor “Take a car for example, you can use it as transportation to another place and it is useful, and you can use to hurt people with bad driving. Today we get to know about the latest books that are published with internet, so it is helping us in spreading information.”

Director General of Iran Public Library Foundation stated that this foundation in the last 13 years has had very good progress. “The number of libraries in the country has increased with the help of this foundation.” He said “Today we have more than 3400 libraries and the number is rising. In the recent years we have focused more on children and young adults at public libraries, because if people get used to reading as a child, they will not have problem with reading once they are adults.”

Mokhtarpour visited Alame Dehkhoda and Piroozi public libraries, and besides visiting the programs, he also had friendly talks with the librarians.



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